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TS International Health Consultants

TS is a consulting group committed to finding global solutions for health. It provides practical and creative solutions through consulting services, technical assistance, research, networking and training. It addresses critical public health problems, whether these are emerging health priorities or long-standing issues.


TS’s mission is to improve public health with the aim of equitable, universal access to high quality healthcare.


TS has expertise in a range of areas including: health economics and financing, project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Recent projects include health systems development, hospital assessment and management, evaluation of international health programs, and cost effectiveness evaluations.


TS has 5 years of relevant project experience with organisations including MSF, CIF-Sante and the Spanish Cooperation Agency.

Proven TS Model

The TS model comprises a small, professional team with experience of working together, at the centre of a broader, multi-country network of consultants providing global coverage.